LSA Clean Now Offers The Tile Master Floor Cleaning System

We’re pleased to share with you that LSA Clean now offers the Tile Master floor cleaning system as one of our services.

The Tile Master is the complete floor cleaning and maintenance system for all types of floor tile and natural stone.  Your floors will be cleaned/polished and restored with absolute professional results by our team.
Here at LSA Clean, we’re particularly passionate about solving issues with problematic stone or tiles. No problem to big or too small!
An example of what we can now offer is grout haze removal.  When tiles are fitted and the grout is not completely cleaned from the surface of the tile, you’re left with some grout residue.  This then forms a coloured haze or film over the tiles.  If the residue is left, it hardens and becomes difficult to remove. If you have textured tiles, it’s even more difficult.
By using the Tile Master system, we can not only remove any dirt or grease, we can also remove any grout haze or residue. Here’s a great example from the Tile Master website:
tile cleaning tile master



tile cleaning tile master



Want to find out more about what we can do for your tiled or stone flooring? Give the team at LSA Clean a call on 01253 713769 or 07817 111259 for a free, no obligation quote.