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Outdoor Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning

One of the first things people notice when approaching your home or office is your front driveway. It is not only important aesthetically but also needs to be safe. Our driveway and paving cleaning service is an effective and affordable alternative to replacement.using the latest rotary pressure washing system.

How can we help you? If you are having a problem with your driveway and paving but not sure what to do about it such as weeds, moss, algae, lichen, fuel/oil spills or minor repairs there’s no need to panic, we have a range of products and services that will help solve your problem for you.

Or is it simply a case that your paving has lost its original appeal, and needs professionally cleaning and sealing to bring it back to life?

Whether it be, Block Paving, Tarmac, Natural Stone or Concrete it doesn’t matter to us, we clean and maintain the lot.

And what if your untreated surface caused someone to slip, fall and injure themselves on your property? What would that cost you?

LSA Clean can solve every one of these issues, helping you to protect and maximize the initial cost of your driveway, paving and exterior surfaces. Call us today to arrange a free no obligation quote.