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We clean curtains in situ, less hassle and quicker clean. Please ask us about a quote.

Whether you live in the town or more rural setting, one thing is for sure: your curtains are going to end up catching whatever’s in the air. Acting a bit like an air filter, your curtains catch airborne dust and associated odours, building up in a surprisingly short space of time. So whatever’s in the air is in your curtains. Isn’t it time you had them cleaned?
We can clean your curtains and blinds in-situ, without the fuss of taking them down and re-hanging them. In fact, we can cover your whole house, or business, at a competitive rate that’s less than the cost of most dry cleaners. Whether you’re in Lytham, St Annes, Ansdell or anywhere on the Fylde, if you’re looking to get all your curtains or blinds professionally cleaned or it’s just one set that needs attention, we will be pleased to take care of it for you. No job is ever too big or too small so please call for a free no-obligation estimate.
We pre-test your fabrics to determine the most effective cleaning products and method for your curtains, then thoroughly clean both the front and linings of your curtains including pelmets, swags and tails.
• We’re able to clean curtains without the hassle of taking them down
• You will not be without curtains which you would be for a few days whilst they were at the dry cleaners
• We also offer Guard-X protection treatment, keeping your curtains clean for longer
• If you book this service with carpet cleaning, we will offer a discount
• We offer competitive prices and flexible working hours
• 100% Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed when using Lytham St Annes curtain cleaning service

Please call us today for a free no obligation quote of curtains cleaning in situ – Lytham St Annes and surrounding areas.